School Days HQ Collector’s Edition From JAST USA

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It’s been a good long time since the last time I had written about an eroge game, and a few days ago, one of the most highly anticipated eroge game has just arrived from JAST USA, School Days HQ, arguably one of the most well known eroge games in the past decade that gave new meanings to the phase “nice boat” and “yandere”.  In reality, I have never been a huge fan of School Days myself, but I have always thought Kotonoha is a cute girl if she wasn’t going on yandere mode, so when I heard JAST was collaborating with Overflow to bring School Days to the English speaking market, I was so excited and ordered my copy right the way.

I ordered the School Days HQ Collector’s Edition myself so it came in a nicely printed oversized box.

Bonus items include a Kotonoha oppai mouse pad and a Motoko keychain >.>;

Kotonoha is <3

Here is a quick look inside the game manual.

Now, here is where some of you might get into a little trouble.  Apparently, some of us will experience a little hiccup during the installation, the exact problem is unknown right now but I suspect it’s an installation bug that originated from Overflow.

For the most part, the game will install but if you get stuck on disc 2 like the screen capture above, you can just copy the rest of the file over from the disc directly to the game folder like the following.

After copying the files over, the game will run just fine.

Here are a few screens I have captured so far.

Unlike most visual novel, School Days HQ is fully animated and you will presented with choices from time to time to determine which path you are on, to one of the possible 20+ endings.

And of course, JAST preserved the Japanese voice track and we have the option to turn on/off the English subtitle.  Having played the original game myself, I am quite happy to see the visual upgrade from this new release, not to mention all the eroge scenes will be uncensored for this HQ release!

Katsura Kotonoha is quite a lovely girl by her own right.

The other main heroine of the game, Saionji Sekai, she is quite energetic to be honest, quite a contrast from Kotonoha.

I will refrain from getting into too much details for those of you who are not familiar with the game~

But yeah, Motoko getting right into action on chapter 1?  Interested? You can get your own copy of School Days HQ from J-list

By moving the mouse to the top of the windows, you can access the game menu which includes the usual options.  You can also see which heroines are you closer with as well.

Here is where you can set the game options.  That’s all I have for now, and I will definitely keep you all up-to-date if there is any news to report :3


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