Dollfie Dream Natsuki 2nd ver. For Oversea Customer

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Volks has officially announced that Dollfie Dream Natsuki 2nd ver. will be available for oversea customer, full details to be available to Volks website once everything has been finalized.  Nothing out of the ordinary here, I had expected Natsuki 2 to be available outside of Japan like Moe 2 was, but it’s always nice to get the official words from Volks.

The choice of wording seems somewhat unusual but I will refrain from speculating too much and we will know soon enough what Volks really has in mind anyway!

Edit: Volks has appended their site with detail information on Natsuki 2′s lottery entry information:

1. Submit your entry 2. Lottery results 3. Payment 4. Shipment
17:00 on July 28 By 18:00 By 15:00 Ship items out in order
on July 30 on August 1
10:00 on July 30 (Japan time) (Japan time)
(Japan time)

If there was cancellation of the win, we will send an email of Notice of the winning results to new winner by 19:00 on August 1 (Japan time).

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