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Volks is making a quick work out of me this year by releasing their guidebook for Sendai so early this year… anyway, even though I am on my vacation; never a moment did I forget to keep up with the latest dollfie dream news!

The center of attention for me at HTDP Sendai has got to be Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Taisen, like I mentioned before, Sakura is one of my most beloved bishoujo of all time.  Despite the fact that her head and faceup is being handled my most hated designer Amanohakasei… with that being said, I have already planned for the worst case scenario ahead of time (I hated it when I am right even when I hoped that I was wrong), which is to bring in one of the DDH-06 heads I have collected as replacement.

Although, I am so very glad to see they are releasing Sakura’s combat uniform instead of the casual summer dress!  There is however, one little twist to Sakura’s release.  Supposedly, she would be available for pre-order at the HTDP Sendai event after the stock runs out.  There is no words of availability outside of the event.  So, there is a possibility that she won’t be available for After Event.  Nothing is certain at this point until more information becomes available.  According to the latest information, DD Sakura Shinguji will be available for After Event at a “reduced quantity”, supposedly Volks is trying to motivate people to attend the Sendai DP where she can be “pre-order”.  I had previously predicted that DD Sakura Shinguji will be available for pre-order, but I guess I am only partially right this time since it’s event limited.  The big question is, whether Sakura will be available for oversea at all.  That’s something we have to wait for Volks USA to answer.

Next up is Haruka Amami from the recent hit game and animated series Idolm@ster.  I can’t say I have been expecting this but I am certainly not surprised about this; given that several comrades have decided to make custom dollfie dream based on the characters, it must be good enough for some people.  I personally don’t know too much about the series but the uni-torso body that come with the Idolm@ster dollfie dream is very interesting indeed (will talk about that later).  Haruka’s head designer is Amanohakasei and is priced at 57000 yen.

Then we have Miki Hoshii also from Idolm@ster.  I know I don’t know much about Idolm@ster, but their stage dress is certainly appealing to me.  Miki’s head designer is misaki and is priced at 57000 yen.

Haruka’s alternate dress, DD/DDS M bust.

Miki’s alternate dress, DD/DDS L bust.

If anythign else, Idolm@ster certinaly will bring more popular outfit designs to the market, here are the 2nd alternate outfits for Haruka and Miki.

Interchangeable with existing Dollfie Dream bodies, this uni-torso body is being used on DDS Haruka Amami and DDS Miki Hoshii for the first time.  One of my biggest grip about the current line of Dollfie Dream body (not including DDdy) is most certainly about the split line between the bust and the torso.  Some people don’t mind it, but it’s ugly for me and I can’t stand it and that’s why I have never had any of my girls wearing any sort of bikini or swimsuit.  It is sort of a surprise but seeing that there is no way to hide the split line for the Idolm@ster Dollfie Dream sisters due to their outfit design, I guess that sorta forced Volks’ hand to come up with this uni-torso body part.  There is however no guarantee that is will be as flexible as the regular body but at least there is something new to look forward to and my girls will finally be able to sport sexy bikinis without having any worries now.

Yeah!  Volks finally begin to sell optional parts for Dollfie Dream III and DDdy III

DDS and MDD III optional parts~

Yo-SD for HTDP Sendai

and SDGr Boy

Seems like Volks has decided to release the Magical School outfits for both Natsuki and Moe~

Based on the information available right now, it seems Akira and Alna will also get their own Magical School outfit at a later day.

Has any of you been waiting for the P4 edition eyeglasses?

Some SD dresses from White Rose Collection ~

Pink Label Collection

LaPersonal Collection

LaPersonal Black Label, seemed like some of these dresses are in fact reissue from previous designs.

Now something for the Yo-SD

From the shoe boutique comes quite a few promising designs.

striped lingerie from Tenshi-no-Sumika

Oh yes!  Sun dress and swimsuits along with properly fitted straw hat!  I must get my hands on these.

Surely more wedding dresses are always welcomed…. plenty of my waifus haven’t gotten their wedding dresses yet… wait… did I just say that out loud???

And finally, something available for magazine pre-order.


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