Anime Expo 2012

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By this time I should have just about arrived at Hong Kong to attend HKDP Dollism Plus 7 this year, unfortunately since the schedule between Dollism 7 run head to head with Anime Expo 2012, therefore making it impossible for me to come to Anime Expo again this year.  Since I cannot personally attend Anime Expo, I have decided to collaborate with Dannychoo to arrange for one of my Dollfie Dream daughters to attend AX2012 as my proxy like the way I sent Airi chan last year, which I know she will be well taken care of during her stay in Anime Expo ~

Those of you who are familiar with my habit would know that majority of my DD daughters are based off anime or games; however, when I saw the pictures of the DDH-06 head from DD Gathering 2011, I knew it in my heart that I need to get my hands on one~ Much like how the Akiba Ranger being the unofficial sentai, DDH-06 is also a secret and unofficial daughter with the potential to become official when the opportunity and need arise.  Unlike the rest of my DD daughters, who are usually based on a bishoujo character with a particular style and look; the main role for DDH-06 (who shall be referred to as 06-chan from now on) is to be different from the rest of my DD daughters who rarely deviate from their original form.

Similar to last year, I have put together a little promotional post card featuring some of my favorite dollfie dream daughters~

Those of you who are attending Anime Expo 2012, please say hello to my 06-chan



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