Dollfie Dream Festival 2012

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After 12 consecutive days of Euro 2012 group stage matches,  I am finally able to take a breather today and report on some of the finer details of the Dollfie Dream Festival this year.  Originally started off as an event to celebrate the Akihabara SR reopening, it seemed like Volks has included Dollfie Dream Festival as part of their event schedule.

It didn’t feel that it was that long ago when Volks announced that they were going to release DD Moe ver. 2, and somewhere in my mind I knew that a Natsuki ver. II must be lurking somewhere.  Based on the information I have on hand, it appears that Dollfie Dream ® ナツキ 2nd Ver. will be handled the same way as Moe II released during DD Festival in 2011, which means there is only one day event lottery in Japan.

Natsuki chan is as sweet as ever, especially with the new Gothic inspired dress set~

Besides DD Natsuki ver. 2, Volks is also releasing new outfit sets based on the best customer submission from last year!

DD Festival 2012 NatsukiDD Festival 2012 NatsukiDD Festival 2012 NatsukiDD Festival 2012 NatsukiDD Festival 2012 Natsuki
dress4_1 moedress4_2 moedress4_3 moedress4_4 moedress4_5 moe

And a new Dollfie Dream Official Fan Book!  Let’s not forget that Volks sneak in the Dollfie Dream x Type Moon collaboration project in there last year, let’s hope they will do the same this year?

And here is the full schedule~ more information is sure to trickle down over the course of the month, but other events such as DD one-off and early display of the HTDP Sendai limited Dollfie Dream!  I am certainly looking forward to this, I have a strange feeling that this early display has something to do with a Dollfie Dream that has been announced late last year~


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