Euro 2012 and Dollfie Dream

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Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been a fan of football (not to be confused with American football), a lot of it probably was due to the British influence that is still inside of me.  But nevertheless, every four years, there is this big tournament that is held by UEFA to determine champion of Europe.  Sixteen teams representing their countries will battle out in a month long tournament!  Those of you who follow my twitter stream/facebook or google+ probably have noticed that I have been pushing a bunch of update related to European Championship 2012 that is currently being held in Poland and Ukraine.  In the last World Cup back in 2010, I was so absorbed in the games and had hardly updated this blog, which is not right…. although to be fair with myself, the scheduling is just too tight for me to have a lot of free time to write.  However, I have decided this year I am going have a little fun and mix up my love for football and my lovely dollfie dream daughters.  I still don’t have a lot of time to write, but at the very minimum I hope to be able to share the fun time I have watching the Euro 2012 with my lovely girls~

The love for football flows in the veins of my DD daughters, so don’t think for a single moment that I would spend the entire month watching the games and forget about my lovely dollfie dream, each of them are taking their turn to watch the games with me!  Today it is DD Rina‘s turn~

The day before was DD Yuki~

Yesterday was Saber Nero~

Saber Alter I is here with my on the 2nd day~

And the last but most certainly not the least, my youngest dollfie dream daughter, the lovely DD Sakuya サクヤ

Here is another close up shot of my lovely daughter~

That’s it for now, schedule is tight and I have got to get some sleep before going to work~  Hope you all enjoy this little segment I put together~

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