Dollfie Dream Lucy Maria Misora Introduction

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It seemed like it’s been forever since I have managed to secure my second Dollfie Dream daughters from the To Heart 2 series but after 2 long months of waiting, Lucy Maria Misora has finally completed her journey across the Pacific Ocean to become my next Dollfie Dream daughter and Sasara‘s classmate!  Although DD Sakuya サクヤ has arrived from DP 27 before Lucy but based on the order of adoption, DD Sakuya サクヤ  is still the youngest daughter~

While I have not been a particularly huge fan of Lucy in game before her Dollfie Dream announcement, but since I have always been on the lookout to find a classmate for Sasara and the two other Dollfie Dream Tamaki and Konomi do not meet the criteria to join my family so Lucy was definitely on the fast track for consideration.

A quick inspection to make sure there is no visible damage.

A lot of the earlier shipment of Lucy had cracked developed inside the orifice where the neck joint comes through, luckily my Lucy has shown no sign of such damage!

Another quick inspection of the clothes set, but unfortunately; I was unable to secure a school uniform set for Lucy, something I have to hunt down in the future before I do a photo shoot for Sasara and Lucy together~

A Dollfie Dream introduction post wouldn’t be completed without a photo like this XD~

Those of you who are not sure how to keep the little flower clipped on the wig, a little water wax will actually do a decent job of keeping it in place~

Here is a closeup shot of Lucy~

For those of you who are not familiar with Lucy, she is actually an alien Dollfie Dream from 47 Ursae Majoris…. every once in a while I notice Lucy peeking into the sky, perhaps looking for her relatives?

In any event, I would do everything I can to make sure she feels right at home here from now on~!

Whatever you do, do not let Lucy drink Coke because her body is different normal Dollfie Dream…..

Then again… may be I should let her drink all the coke she ever wanted XD.

Originally, I was hoping to do a photo shoot with Sasara and Lucy together but as I mentioned earlier, I have yet to acquire a To Heart 2 uniform for Lucy so the photo shoot will have to be delayed until then….. Coming up next as I anticipate the arrival of my 2nd Dollfie Dream from HTDP Kyoto 9!

Dollfie Dream Haruka Niimi


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