[Steins;Gate] 1/3 Kurisu Makise Hyper Active Figure

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We have first seen it introduced back in WF2012 Winter, now it’s finally available for pre-order from your favorite online store, the upcoming [Steins;Gate] 1/3 Kurisu Makise Hyper Active Figure by Azone International.  Initially, I was hoping that Volks would release my beloved lab assistant, but it looks like Azone is beating them to the punch with the WF announcement; and I have since opted for an alternate route which I have yet to reveal due to my busy schedule.  Anyway, now that Azone has pulled the trigger on this project, I am somewhat obliged to investigate.

Here is Kurisu’s specification:

- Size: (50cm Height approx) 1/3
- Body: 50cm Obitsu body M Bust
- Head: Vinyl head new shape, Sculpted head wig ※ Length: It should be noted Oniyama (Hyper Space)
- Costume: A set costume plain clothes, boots, white coat

Pre-order is available at Hobby Search
Pre-order is available at J-Box
Pre-order is available at Amiami

For those of you who are not familiar with Azone obitsu doll, their doll usually come with painted eyes and cannot be replaced (although I have heard some people has cutout the eyehole and replaced them with animetic eyes and achieved great result).  And on top of that, obitsu body is generally more robust in construction and less likely to experience skeleton breakage like the Volks body.


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