Moekana x Dollfie Dream

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For the past 20 some years, I have made several attempts to learn Japanese so that I can read/watch anime, manga and play games without having to wait for fan translation or official localization; however, every attempts I have made so far have ended up in the gutter and got nowhere because I didn’t have enough motivation to keep up.  So, when Danny choo announced that he is making a hiragana learning aid called the Moekana, an idea popped up in my head… why not combine my passion for dollfie dream photography with learning Japanese?  You know, just learning a language for the sake of learning it can be pretty dry some time, so why not make it fun by mixing it up with something I really enjoy doing?  So that’s how this Moekana X Dollfie Dream project came about~

Can’t really start the project without getting a pack of Moekana myself now, can I?  According to Danny choo the initially batch of Moekana has already been sold out so those of you who need to get yourself a pack of Moekana, you can preorder a pack from J-list.

The basic idea of the project is very simple, to come up with a theme for a Dollfie Dream photo featuring my beautiful daughters by following the hiragana order!  Sounds like fun right?  It’s an ambitious project and it might take a long time to finish, but I am going to do it!

Let’s all learn some Japanese together~

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