Dolpa 27 After Event International Lottery

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As Dolpa 27 came to a close last Sunday, I am sure those of us who did not have a chance to attend the doll party are eagerly awaiting for the announcement of the After Event sale (those of you who are not familiar with After Event, please read up on my Where to buy a Dollfie Dream guide).  The actual After Event sale is on May 26th but Volks will begin accepting After Event lottery applications for limited items between May18th – 22th Japan time.  Since MDD Cirno was not available for Volks USA lottery, this After Event represent the only opportunity for those of you who are looking to acquire one directly from Volks; although it is not 100% clear at this point Cirno will be available to international lottery, but I have yet to see any indication that suggest otherwise. MDD Cirno Dream Design version will be available for International Lottery.

1. Submit your entry 2. Lottery results 3. Payment 4. Shipment
17:00 on May 18 By 18:00 By 12:00 Ship items out in order
on May 22 on May 25
10:00 on May 22 (Japan time) (Japan time)
(Japan time)

Based on the information from my contact, Volks actually made more Dollfie Dream available at the event this time; however it is unclear if that will translate into more Dollfie Dream available at the After Event.  For the record, Rise Fujikawa and Cirno were actually sold out a little bit ahead of Sakuya during the event.

Those of you who would like to see more reference photo for DD Sakuya サクヤ, please feel free to check out my Shining Blade Dollfie Dream Sakuya サクヤ’s arrival/unboxing plus tips on piercing the ear.

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