Type Moon X Dollfie Dream Fate/Extra Saber Nero And Saber Alter II Introduction

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Back in as early as about July 2011, when I was in Hong Kong for my Dollism Plus 6 trip, I already picked up the news from an industry insider who suggested that Volks has already been gearing up to release a new version of Saber Dollfie Dream based on the Nero from the PSP game Fate/Extra.  While the expectation at the time was that Saber Nero would be scheduled for December release (DP26).  However, Volks’ unexpected preview of Nero’s Aestus Estus via the Dollfie Dream Fan Book during the Akihabara SR reopening celebration basically confirmed the rumor… and before we had time to digest all the news released in August through October (along with the Sakura Taisen Dollfie Dream), Volks set the entire Dollfie Dream community on fire by announcing the Type Moon X Dollfie Dream web-order for not only Saber Nero but also a re-release of the hugely popular Saber Alter as version II similar to what they have done with the Akihabara After School Girl Moe.  As a self proclaimed Dollfie Dream enthusiast, this represented a golden opportunity for me to “catch them all”!  Apparently, many people felt the same way and Volks was force to split up the pre-order period within 7 days!  Fortunately, I was able to secure my Dollfie Dream twin within the first pre-order period.

Originally, I was going to do this introduction post much earlier, but since my room was still in the midst of renovation and was not ready to do a proper photo shoot for them.  It took me quite some time before I figured out a new plan for a brand new photo stage but due some an unexpected family matter, I had to delay all activities until recently.  Alright, enough talking already, allow me to introduce the arrival of my Saber Nero and Saber Alter II already~

Lily and Alter can’t wait to see their new sisters~

The new boxes that Saber Nero and Alter II come in are noticeably bigger than the original match box for Saber and Lily.  The main reason why these two new boxes had to be bigger has to do with Nero’s Aestus Estus.

Most of my default yellow boxes are folded flat already but these match box styles are so nice and they are very strong and useful in storing wig bags and the inserts from the yellow boxes.

First let’s take a look at unboxing Saber Nero~  Volks International always wrap a layer of bubble wrap on the DD before shipping them oversea, so nice :)

Just as I mentioned in the Saber Nero detail specification, we also get an additional pair of animetic eyes inspired by Takashi Takeuchi Sensei’s illustrations.

Here is a closer look~

And here is a shot of my lovely Airy chan trying out Takashi Takeuchi Sensei’s green eyes~

Here are the rest of the content~

Do pay very close attention to the tip of the sword, since I have received one report of sword tip damage upon arrival by one Dollfie Dream comrade in Hong Kong.

Here is the wig~

Those of you who are handling a Dollfie Dream for the first time might find this useful since it’s not exactly the easiest thing to do to put a wig on a Dollfie Dream’s head properly.

Set the wig on the head like this.

Then pull the wig down where the arrow is pointing, it might take a few tries before getting it right .

Setting the wig properly is very important for the overall appeal of a Dollfie Dream and I always aim to have the wig just touch off the eyebrows.

While DDIII has come with a completely new skeleton structure with improved poseability over a DDII; however, the improved poseability comes with a new weakness.  When Volks add the new degree of motion and made the split of the knee less noticeable, they also made knee joint weaker and it is now possible to move the knee in a direction that allow you to break it much easier than while handling a DDII.  Here I am trying to illustrate a good and bad example of how to handle the knee joint.

Do not just grab the shin and bend the leg down!

Instead, grab the entire leg and move slowly until you can feel the joint is aligned properly before bending it.

Next, let’s inspect Nero’s default clothing, fortunately, everything is lined with white inward~

Because of the way the dress is designed, the arms would have be removed from the body first to put the short jacket on.  The rest is pretty self explanatory~

Here is a quick shot of Saber Nero sama, who has also managed to secure a Flickr Explore position on her debut photo ~

Next, let’s take a look at Saber Alter II~

Here is the rest of the content~

A closer look at Alter’s white skin body~

Here is a picture of Alter’s wig, this is consider very good already with relatively few loose hair strand, all I would do is to trim the loose one out.

I know more than a few of you have expressed concern about Alter’s dress would be prone to staining, especially to a white skin body…. here is what I would do to help minimize the risk of staining.

Based on how the dress is design, I find that wrapping the arms with food wrap like Glad would help insulate the arm from the sleeves since the short jacket completely cover the shoulder anyway.

Some people might say this is too troublesome to do, but for the sake of my DD daughters, this much work is necessary.  If someday I want Alter to take off her short jacket, I will just readjust the wrap so it only cover the sleeves.

I am happy to report that even after 1 month plus, I have yet to notice any staining on Alter’s bust!  Now staining is a very environmentally dependent event, what doesn’t happen in my house doesn’t mean it won’t happen in yours.  So your result might vary.

The two newly arrived sisters embrace each other :)   What a lovely sight to behold~~~

Here is  a quick look of all the Noble Phantasm that are currently in my possession~

I knew quite a few of you out there have been waiting for this, the full group photo of 5 Sabers, which I have named them the Sehai Sentai Saber Ranger!  The last major sub-group photo was my team of 4 Riders from the August Soft world~

Since this post is getting kind of long already, so I have decided to defer the group photo to the next post, please look forward to it!




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