Persona 4 Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa

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Continuing my coverage for the Dolpa 27 limited Dollfie Dream, the next one up is Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4.  I must say that Rise came as a bit of a surprise since I was expecting 2 Dollfie Dream from the Shining Blade series, however, it sort of serve my purpose since I am not really interested in Persona 4 personally XD.  Sculpt by Kosuke Kitahara, previous work includes Rina Ogata, Kiriha Kuze, Beatrice, Moe/Natsuki, and Haruka Niimi etc, Rise really came with a very unique face sculpt as far as a Dollfie Dream is concern.  While her dedicated webpage isn’t ready yet, but DD-blog has released a couple of photos today~

While Rise might not be my cup of tea, she is quite charming in her own right~

While her details specs are barely visible on the Volks News 48 scan, it is quite clear that Rise will be coming with a S bust.

Glasses sold separately, perhaps Volks will announce a new line of dollfie dream eyewear in the near future?


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