Volks April Outfit Collection 2012

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While we are still in the aftermath of the Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9 After Event sale, Volks has already geared up to hit us with their next event!  The April Outfit Collection (not to mention we are just a few days away from the Dolpa 27 Limited Dollfie Dream announcement btw).

The actual event is scheduled for 11:00am April 14, 2012 Japan Time.  Let’s take a look at what’s news this time~

Looks like Tenshi no Koromo is going religious this time around with the Guiding Sister and Lost Lamb set!  The white high heels from Shoes boutique looks tempting though~

Sweet Pea Flora Set and Freesia Flora Set look moderating interesting too~  But for now, my main focus has to be the upcoming Dolpa 27 announcement, it’s purely speculation at this point but I am more or less expecting the official announcement of Shining Blade Dollfie Dream I blogged about last month~


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