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I have been in this Dollfie Dream hobby for some time and have participated a countless number of epic after event sale battles, where winner get to take home the latest Volks limited dresses to their Dollfie Dream daughters… where losers get absolutely nothing…. As many of you are aware that Volks has completely redesigned their website at the end of February; however, the redesigned website in combination of this Kyoto 9 sale event has probably created one of the most frustrating experience ever for those of us who were trying to get their hands on the dresses that were on sale yesterday!

Based on the analysis of a few online comrades, it appears that the newly designed Volks website are making excessive number of queries into their database for each page and therefore overloading their server much more easier than before!  And since a lot of the information are loaded on the fly, once their server is overloaded, all bets are off!  You could be logged out of your session, or appear to lose whatever you had on your shopping cart, incomplete pageload due to browser time out etc etc….  It was probably one of the most frustrating experience I ever had since I had such a difficult time just to maintain my login session… I was on the verge of giving up in more than a few occasions, cursed words were flying all over the place but eventually, my continued persistence had finally paid off and I was able snap up majority of the items I was looking to pick up!

Haruka is going to look so pretty with this Steam Signal Red dress ♥♥♥

Always love blazer uniform, so I quickly snapped this one up without any hesitation.

Since I was fortunate enough to also managed to win the Haruka Tennis uniform set, it just make sense to pick up the Tennis racket too.

Very very happy to be able to pick up the pink apron set /nosebleed

I was fortunate to be able to pick up the Noir and Alice maid set prior to the After Event, since it took me more than 30 minutes to login to Volks website, they were all sold out before I even had a chance!

However, these are suppose to be a new line of regularly stocked items that Volks is introducing, so if you miss out your chance this time, it will likely to be restock in the future~

On the other hand, after 40+ hours of gameplay, I am finally covered all the major story and heroine arcs of Shining Blade!  (Just in time for the Dolpa 27 announcement!  Haha~)

Although it is pretty much decided, but I will wait until the actual announcement before naming Sakuya/Maxima as my next Dollfie Dream daughter XDc

It won’t be long before we will see the trio of sisters from Wyndaria island to be animated in the upcoming Shining Hearts anime adaption Shiawase no Pan!

I guess I will save the rest of it for when I actually write the Shining Blade blog post XDc


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