Dollfie Dream X Shining Blade

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Breaking news everyone!  Remember I joked about how Volks should just release a Dollfie Dream Maxima (also known as Sakuya)サクヤ from Shining Hearts and Shining Blade?  Well, it just got real #OMFGWFTBBQ must get!  Thanks to my buddy Azusa for this latest info!  What a great way to celebrate the Pi π day huh :D

This is all the information I have right now, the website posted here isn’t even active yet…. but yeah… Volks finally listened.  I will always find room for another Tony Taka inspired Dollfie Dream.  As usual, those of you who are not familiar with what a Dollfie Dream is, please feel free to visit my Where to buy Dollfie Dream, a beginner’s guide.

Those of you who are interested in finding more about Shining Hearts and Shining Blade, you can find a copy of the PSP game at Play-Asia.

Buy Shining Blade (Sony PSP) at

Buy Shining Hearts (PSP the Best) (Sony PSP) at

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