Megurine Luka Tony Taka Version And Sakura Shinguji Opened For Pre-Order

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It’s been a good long time since I got excited about a scaled PVC figure release, but the two of such figures that caught my attention in the Wonder Festival 2012 Winter have just opened for pre-order today!  The first one is Megurine Luka Tony Taka Version by Max Factory and the 2nd one is Sakura Shinguji Nendoroid from Good Smile Company!  While I have never been a vocaloid fan, but I have always kept my eyes opened for the one vocaloid Luka, and I am very glad to see the first “official” figure release is based on the work of Tony Taka, an artist that I have long admired.

As early as 2009, during my trip to Japan, I have already had my eyes on Megurine Luka and here is my proof!

Edited: Max Factory is serious about this release for sure and even put together a CM for it!

Everything from the flowing hair, the face sculpt, the stretching of the fabric (in particularly the chest area LOL), etc are all very appealing to a traditional bishoujo fan like myself, I would be a serious fool to pass up on this figure to be honest!  Scheduled for late July release, pre-order has just opened at Hobby search and most of your favorite online stores!

Approximately 15 years ago, Red Entertainment teamed up with Sega to release one of the most amazing games of its time, a dating simulation x tactical role-playing game, along with the revolutionary Live Interactive Picture System (LIPS), which allow you to interact with the game in real time, known as Sakura Taisen/Wars.  And the heart of the entire franchise, the main heroine Sakura Shinguji was designed by the famous artist Kōsuke Fujishima, better  known as the creator of Ah! My Goddess.  I was a big fan of Sakura but unfortunately, the PVC figure technology was no where near what it is today and therefore, there are only a handful of Sakura Shinguji figures were produced and I consider all of them “not up to par” compare to the standard today.  15 years later, I am very happy to see that they are making a push for Sakura Taisen merchandise again, not to mention the Sakura Taisen X Dollfie Dream announcement, which I am eagerly looking forward to!  But for now, I will at least have the Sakura Shinguji Nendoroid to look forward to!

While I generally avoid buying into the Nendoroid line of super deformed figures, but as it stands, my desire to finally acquire a “properly made” Sakura figure outweigh my general dislike against nendoroid.

Scheduled for late August release, pre-order has just opened at Hobby search and most of your favorite online stores!



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