Great Battle Fullblast [Twin Battle Box] PSP

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Some time late last year I came across the announcement for the PSP version of the Compatible Heroes, Great Battle FullBlast – the classic series that combines Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Gundam.  The moment I saw the main characters in this version of the game, such as Decade, Gundam RX78-2, etc… I knew I have to play this game!

I had originally planned on pre-ordering the Great Battle FullBlast [Twin Battle Box] that includes the bonus game Battle Dodgeball 3 but forgotten about it until I saw some of my facebook friends updating their page with the game this morning…. I searched around like mad for a while until I finally found some copies of it in

In reality, the inclusion of Battle Dodgeball 3, which is like a spiritual successor to the original Super Dodge Ball is the real reason I must have this game.  The reason is that when I was young, I was unable to convince my family to buy me a video game system to play and I saw my classmates having cool game like the Super Dodge Ball in their Nintendo… that was a childhood dream that never fulfilled… until now!

I am actually quite looking forward to this game, being the 20th anniversary of the Compatible Heroes and all :)   I better get busy with PhotoKano or I won’t have time to play all the games >.<;;;;

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