Recent Pre-Order February 2012

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It’s been quite some time since I last used the term “recent pre-order” but the fact that I have recently sold off a bunch of PVC scaled figures that no longer meet the requirement to stay in my collection has opened the opportunity for me to look into the open market to breath some new life into my scaled figure collection!  And what better ways to kick off with a Tony Taka inspired ero figure? LOL.

Believe it or not, I was actually rewatching this ero anime the very moment the announcement came out for this Ai Saeki figure from Fault!!

I am not normally superstitious or anything, but I can’t go wrong with a Tony Taka figure can I? And if one figure wasn’t enough, there is also the upcoming PSP game from the Shining Franchise – Shining Blade!

It has always bugged me that Maxima/Sakuya wasn’t available as one of the main heroines in Shining Hearts…. not that Airy or Neris are bad… it is just that Maxima is better!  Now that Maxima has returned as one of the main heroines

along with a bunch of popular characters from other Shining universes…

That just made Shining Blade a must play game in 2012!




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