ToHeart 2 Dungeon Traveler OVA 1

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Sasara Kusugawa is arguably my favorite character out of the entire ToHeart 2 franchise, so when I heard there is another OVA spin-off focusing on the side story ToHeart 2 Dungeon Traveler, I was overjoyed since Sasara did not actually feature in the ToHeart 2 TV series (Sasara was added in as a new character in the ToHeart 2 X-rated version PC game).  Although subsequent OVAs have included Sasara in the casting, none of those really focus on her (other than the School Festival one).  I have yet to play the PSP version of the game but I have always been a fan of the fantasy RPG setting so that’s almost a guarantee that I am going to like it!  So with that, allow me to share some of the screen shots I have captured on this OVA~

Like most side story OVA, ToHeart 2 Dungeon Traveler is also fanservice oriented, with the opening sequence introducing each characters in the new fantasy costume~


In the beginning of the story, we learned that Maryan senpai had tricked everyone into testing a new game with her and for whatever reason, they are still trapped inside the game (that hasn’t been very well explained)

The group believes if they manage to beat the “last boss” they will be able to return to the real world…

Then they encounter Ruuko, whom they thought was the last boss… (convenient magic staff censoring?) LOL

After Ruuko was defeated, the group was still trapped in the fantasy world; so Takaaki, Sasara and Tamanee got together and discuss what they should do next.  While Sasara was very enthusiastic about getting everyone back, Tamanee was not as certain about it.

That very night, a mysterious character visited Takaaki in his room….

The next day, it was Sasara’s turn to go wake Takaaki up…

Fan service galore?  Not that I want to complain!

One of the biggest weakness of Sasara is that she is seldom honest with her true feelings, as I have explained in details in my To Heart 2 Sasara Kusugawa Chapters.  It is very refreshing to see Sasara taking center stage in this new OVA and let us to see a new side of her…

Hey hey, I want Sasara chan to wake me up like that every day!

DD Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川ささら Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ Temptation 誘惑 II

Oh wait, I already got that~ LOL

(Even if it is only her imagination!)

But as she enter the room, only to find an empty bed…

And a note…. it appeared that Takaaki had been kidnapped by that mysterious visitor!

Sasara quickly assembled everyone to form a rescue team~

And before her overwhelming presence, everyone was motivated…. LOL

Astral Busters, move out!

And for the record, Konomi’s mother is really quite hot!  If there is a route for her…. I would play it!

Just who exactly is this mysterious visitor who captured Takaaki?

But none of that really matter, since I got to see “The Valkyrie Sasara Transformation Sequence!”

I nearly screamed out when I saw this… my life is complete!  Our usually shy Sasara chan is pursuing her “Happy End!!”  Listen to me GSC, you need to make a Valkyrie Sasara figure right now!

Although this OVA is mostly about fanservice but I am most definitely enjoying it, here is hoping the next episode will be as entertaining as this one!  In addition to this OVA, the popular cross over arcade game Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match will be coming to PS3 this coming June, something I can’t wait to get my hands on!





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