Wolfheinrich’s World 3rd Anniversary

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It’s been 3 years since I started this little blog and I am happy to announce that it has just successfully managed to pass its 3rd birthday!  Over the past 3 years I have most definitely came across more than a few liked minded comrades, so much that I even feel comfortable enough to traveled back to Hong Kong to attend Dollism Plus 6 (something I have put off for years!); but at the same time, I also ran into a few that don’t get along with me or think of me as some sort of “elitist” (a term that’s generally used by people who have too much time on their hands and wasted it away by judging other people).  As I mentioned in my 2nd anniversary post, I am establishing my own online presence as a way to meet new friends and most importantly, since I will never be able to please everyone nor would I ever pretend to do so; so it’s fair to say that I would never try to befriend those who don’t like the way I do things to start with.

Over the past year, I really started looking at blogging as a mean to give myself some accountability…. if I was just by myself (being a closet otaku for example), no one will know if I don’t make any progress, just sit around all day etc… but with a blog, it almost act as a diary of some sort and allow me to document my progress over time, it’s pretty neat actually!  And for the past couple of years, just about everything is going “social” and have some sort of an online presence, whether it be twitter, facebook, tumblr or google+ just to name a few.  A traditional blog like this is probably not as popular as it was a few years ago; but it is still very good for the type of things I write about~  If the 2nd year of my blogging experience can be described as refocusing this blog to be a Dollfie Dream centric blog, then the past year has most definitely been about improving myself as a Dollfie Dream photographer.  While I am nowhere near as an accomplished photographer, but I have certainly noticed improvement over my past self over time.  Since this is the first time I actually have accurate measurement data from Google Analytics, so please allow me to share some interesting statistic with you all~

Within the past year, this blog has a total of 126k visits from 86k unique visitors, total pageviews was 285k which is not too bad for a 3 years old blog.  Almost a quarter of the traffic originated from USA, followed by Philippines, Japan, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Australia make up the top 10!  There were a couple spikes along the timeline and most of them corresponds to new Dollfie Dream announcements with the exception of the exceptionally huge spike that occurred sometime in the beginning of April last year.  That single day I saw an excess of 5000 visitors brought to me from the super popular and beautiful cosplayer and Dollfie Dream comrade Alodia with a simple link from her facebook page!  Once again, thank you Alodia~

Here is a better look at the world map~

As far as New vs. Returning visitors goes, that’s about 70/30.  A ratio I would like to improve in the coming year.

And out of the 285k pageviews, majority of them still gravitate toward my eroge game related posts.  The most notable mention is that the 3D custom girl post I made back in 2009 is still pulling in over 9000 pageviews!  I also noticed relatively strong interest in my Princess Lover OVA review, perhaps I should write a review on the game as well?


Enough with the statistic, let’s go over some of the major milestones of the past 12 months here~

Saber Lily Dollfie Dream Named Site Mascot And Editor For Wolfheinrich.com

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Maid Version ◆Le chat de neige◆ Alison

Soon after I migrated my blog to the new hosting provider, I decided my blog really needed a site mascot, and who is better to serve that role than my most beloved Saber Lily Dollfie?

Dollfie Dream Pricing History And Trend

One of my more ambitious projects, just the data collection alone took about 9 months to complete, my goal of this project was to bring some transparency to the actual supply and demand of these highly desirable Dollfie Dream~

Dollfie Dream DD Kusugawa Sasara Peach Pai Temptation II

DD Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川ささら Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ Temptation 誘惑 II

I have heard about them, seen pictures of them in Dannychoo.com and then finally I decided to go hunt down a pair of these highly elusive Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ and that was the beginning of my highly successful Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ Temptation Photo series~

Dollfie Dream DD Airy Acquired Through Twitter

Even though I have already entered the Dolpa lottery for DD Airy at the time, but the chance presented to me in real time by Dollfie Dream comrade Dark Dollhouse was too difficult to pass up…. As a result, I ended up having 2 Dollfie Dream Airy in my possession, those of you who are interested to adopt one from me are welcome to send in your inquiry~  To be real honest here, Airy is probably one of the most underrated Dollfie Dream in the past couple of years, see my comrade AIKO[ARAEL] 花爺’s photostream and you will understand!

Dollfie Dream DD Sasara Kusugawa With Yileite De Sexy Cheongsam

Soon after I finished Sasara’s photo shoot in Peach Pai Temptation II, I realized that Sasara really hasn’t gotten the camera time that she so rightfully deserve… and with the timely arrival of Cool Cat Collection‘s new cheongsam, it was quickly assigned to Sasara for the next photo shoot!

Dollfie Dream DD Airy’s Arrival

While a lot of people complained about how Airy’s default eyes were no good, but in reality, Airy’s head sculpt is really top notch!

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily ~ Elegant Lady ~

For the longest time, I have always admired the dresses released under the Le chat de neige label from Cool Cat Collection…. it took me nearly 7 months to convince them that I am a genuine admirer of their work and agreed to make dresses for my Dollfie Dream daughters.  And of course it was well worth the wait!

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Peach Pai Temptation III [NSFW]

And continuing on from the highly successful Peach Pai Temptation series, this time it is up to Lily to show us her true value!

Celebrating A New Pagerank From Google

While Google has repeated said that pagerank is no longer an important factor in determining SERP ranking, it is still nice to have a decent pagerank, is it not?

Wolfheinrich.com Has Acquired New Domain Dollfigure.com

So why exactly did I call this site Wolfheinrich.com when most of the time I talk about Dollfie Dream related stuff? Well it was a long story…. as I have explained in the past, I chose this domain because Wolfheinrich was my online alias when I used to play Final Fantasy XI and it just kinda carried over from there.  However, just because I blog about Doll related stuff more doesn’t mean I need to change my domain name to match that… after a discussion with my blogging mentor Dannychoo, I decided I should add a easy to remember forwarding domain to my existing site, which I have later decided that to be dollfigure.com, something a whole lot easier to remember~

HKDP Dollism Plus 6 With Saber Lily Dollfie Dream

For years, I have always procrastinated about going back to Hong Kong, but after meeting so many Dollfie Dream comrades online, I have finally decided it was the right time for me to go back and attend the Doll Party event in Hong Kong.  It was a great experience to meet up with comrades I met online such as TonyBSD, Hololo, Stepswalker, Yui, Natalie and Endolberry; Coffeebugg and Alodia from the Philippine; Gordonator, Winterknight from Singapore; and Iamapplepuff from Thailand; 诚, AS and rest of the folks from mainland China.

Dollfie Dream Airi in AnimeExpo

It started off as a conversation between Danny and I since I knew Danny was looking for a few dollfie dream for his Culture Japan booth display sporting the Mirai Millennium uniforms and I saw that as a chance for me to participate in Anime Expo while I could not be there personally.  After we exchanged a few emails, it turned into a mini collaboration project ~

Dollfie Dream Neris’ Arrival

Nearly 4 months since Dollfie Dream Airy’s arrival, her Shining Hearts companion DD Neris has finally turned up (partly due to the delivery time frame differences between Volks USA and the Dolpa in Japan).

Microblogging In Tumblr

There are times that I feel like sharing an article or link but referral like that don’t always warrant a full blog post just to put a few words on it, so I decided to dive into the world of Tumblr to be my choice of microblog for instances where I just don’t want to write a full blog post just to share a picture of my Dollfie Dream daughter or whatever I come across that I find interesting enough to share.

Operation Erika ~Dollfie Dream Erika Sendo Hair Cut Day~

After I welcomed Dollfie Dream Erika into my DD family, I have never been truly satisfy with her this whole time, which partly contributed to her lack of camera appearances. The biggest problem in my opinion, was due to the way Volks designed her wig, in fact 3 out of the 4 members of my August Four, DD Feena, DD Estel and DD Erika all suffered this what can best described as “bad hair day” syndrome.

Recent Happening With Wolfheinrich.com / Dollfigure.com

It never occurred to me that talking about Dollfie Dream can be so hot, but after covering two major Dollfie Dream announcements within the span of a week, I was left with little choice but to upgrade my share hosting plan to a VPS….

Sunset Photos With Saber Dollfie Dream

Soon after the announcement of Type-Moon X Dollfie Dream Pre-Order Project, I kept a close contact with Volks USA for any development on the project.  And since they knew I have the original Saber Dollfie Dream, they have asked me to show a few photos to help push the project along.  How can I possibly refuse a request like that?  So I decided to go all out and took Saber out to a wild grassland forest preserve to shoot an official Servant Saber Dollfie Dream in her full gear!

Tribute to My Nikon D5000

The D5000 was my first serious attempt at digital photography, and while I have  managed to created many fond memories with my Dollfie Dream daughters.  It was the right camera for me at the time, and I have learned a lot during these past two years and achieved a good understanding of its potential and capabilities; however, I believe I have reached the point where I am due for an upgrade…

Saber Lily Dollfie Dream And Nikon D7000

For the past year or so, I have been considering an upgrade to my existing Nikon D5000 since I believe I am at the point where I am approaching the limit on what I can do with the D5000.  While my original intention was to upgrade to the next full frame release that was due to be announced this year (the rumored Nikon D800), but due to various reasons including Tohoku earthquake in March and the flooding in Thailand in July, the “rumored announcement” has been pushed back….

Sakuya Izayoi Dollfie Dream’s Arrival

I didn’t plan on adopting DD Sakuya at all, courtesy of Volks’ poor presentation of their Dollfie Dream (as usual), luckily I was able to catch one of the owner’s pictures with a Miruya wig before the after event lottery and that was enough to convince me that I must bring DD Sakuya home somehow.

Sasara Kusugawa Dollfie Peach Pai Temptation IV [NSFW] Santa Lady ver

I have always been a fan of Cool Cat Collection and when I noticed they released a Santa Lady outfit, I knew instantly I wanted to use that for my Holiday theme photo!

Vintage Figure Blowout Sale

The writing had probably been on the wall for some time but for the sake of my ever expanding Dollfie Dream population, it was necessary for me to start trimming down my scaled figure collection… Thanks to many of the figure collecting comrades in figure.fm, the sale went extremely well….

Opening of the Amazon Marketplace

Opening my Amazon Marketplace store has got to be one of my best decisions so far this year, one of the first few steps to help me clean up my room in anticipation for more Dollfie Dream daughters down the road… and the DVDs are flying off the shelf like pancakes!

Virtual Garage Sale

Although it’s not officially opened yet, but it is my intention to setup a virtual garage sale page to help me trim down some of the JAV items I have collected over the years… A lucky guy has already managed to snatched all of my Madoka Ozawa VHS collection for a really cheap price!


Custom Printed Tony Taka Kotone Ousaka Duvet Cover [NSFW]

A casual conversation on twitter that eventually led to one hell of a serious room renovation effort I have ever attempted (and it’s still going!)

Valentine’s Day with Saber Lily Dollfie

Originally, I was going to compose a new photo shoot with my Dollfie Dream girls like I did last year; however the plan got completely shattered by Volks’ untimely introduction of the Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9 Limited Dollfie Dream…..

In the past year I have always prepared a little special photo shoot for my blog day but I have been under the weather this year so it is a little difficult for me to pull that off…. Anyway, thank you for those of you who manage to read this post all the way down here so I would like to throw in a little sneak preview of a photo for those of you who thought I only ever take photo of Lily and no one else (I am looking at you.. Dannychoo)!

Just because I don’t always share all the photos I took doesn’t mean I have forgotten about them!

Thank you for all your supports, visits and comments over the past year, I doubt I would be able to continue with this blog without all of you and I hope I will be able to further improve myself in the coming year!  On the other hand, we are literally within days of the first shipment of the Type moon X Dollfie Dream collaboration project, hopefully I will be able to see my new daughters and kick off a new photo session with Saber Nero and Alter II pretty soon!


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