Valentine’s Day with Saber Lily Dollfie

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Originally, I was going to compose a new photo shoot with my Dollfie Dream girls like I did last year; however the plan got completely shattered by Volks’ untimely introduction of the Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9 Limited Dollfie Dream.  Since investigating the background story of newly announced Dollfie Dream take priority over everything else I do online, I have little choice but to immediately begin my VN marathon of Lucy Maria Misora‘s route in ToHeart 2 X-rated; follow shortly by a play through in PhotoKano focusing on Haruka Niimi‘s route.  However, that doesn’t mean I am going to skip over the Valentine’s day photo shoot!  My most beautiful assistant editor/site mascot/daughter/waifu/yome/valentine Saber Lily Dollfie wishes everyone to have a Happy Valentine’s Day~  And if you so happen to not have a valentine date, at least be productive tonight and do something about it~  I know exactly what I am going to do tonight :3

Saber Lily Dollfie Valentine's Day 2012

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