Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9 Dress Collection

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I am still in the midst of the aftershock from the HTDP Kyoto 9 limited dollfie dream announcement but I must carry on and report the rest of my finding!  Thanks to twitter user Mao_hobby for taking the time to the upload the pictures from the guidebook~  There are a load of lovely dresses coming out next month and my wallet is screaming bloody murder right now!

Always love maid dresses and these are no exception!

HTDP Kyoto 9

And Volks is going to release 3 different aprons and kitchen accessories set!  Can we say some hadaka apron cosplay is coming soon?

HTDP Kyoto 9

These are more lolita leaning dresses, not sure if I am convinced about them yet~

HTDP Kyoto 9

I am totally sold on this tennis outfit and it even come with a ponytail wig! This is madness!

HTDP Kyoto 9

Tennis racket sold separately~

HTDP Kyoto 9

Taking advantage of the ToHeart 2 theme, Volks is reissuing all 3 sizes of ToHeart 2 uniform~

For more information, please head over to my flickr for the rest of the pictures~

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