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While we are still a few days away from the official distribution of HTDP Kyoto 9 guidebook, but the pictures of the upcoming limited Dollfie Dream has already leaked out! After Tamaki, Konomi and Sasara, Lucy Maria Misora will mark the fourth appearances of a limited Dollfie Dream based on the popular ToHeart 2 franchise!  The 2nd Dollfie Dream to be released in Kyoto 9 is based on one of the heroines from the recently released PSP game PhotoKano (フォトカノ) Haruka 新見遥佳.  No pricing information available yet~

From the little information we have right now, it appears that Lucy will be a white skin Dollfie Dream.  Since I have not yet play through Lucy’s route in my ToHeart 2 play-through, but I am at least familiar with her character; however a little bit more investigation will be necessary if I am to consider adopting Lucy.

Edited with additional Lucy pics in default dress.

DD Lucy will be priced at 55k and the head designer is Misaki.

On the other hand, I have absolutely no knowledge of Photokano (フォトカノ) or the new DDDy Haruka 新見遥佳 , which is an adventure based PSP game published by Kadokawa Shoten on Feb. 2nd 2012!  This is so new that’s not even funny!  Her face looks kinda familiar to some of the past popular DD (peronsally I think she looks like DD Neris from Shining Hearts) and most likely to be the handy work of Misaki correction: upon closer inspection of the Volks news 47 scans, found out that Haruka is actually sculpted by Kosuke Kitahara, previous work includes Rina Ogata, Beatrice, Moe/Natsuki, etc.  Once again, I will have to sample this game before I can decide whether to consider adopting her~

Post Edited: DDDy フォトカノ 新見遥佳 will have an updated skeleton structure closer to the DD III body and will be priced at 54k yen.

Alternate tennis outfit for 新見遥佳 come bundled with a ponytail wig…. this is madness!

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