Shining Hearts Anime Got Green-Lit for Spring 2012

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The month of December has proven to be very busy time this year, I had prepared materials for several blog posts but I never got around to work on any of them!  I am so far behind on blog posts I want to write, Dollfie Dream photos that’s been waiting for post processing etc… that’s not even funny anymore…. here is hope that I can some how catch up on everything during my year end Christmas holiday.  Anyway, I am sure a good number of you might have heard this by now as I have already blogged about the news of Shining Hearts Anime in my tumblr post yesterday.  For those of you who are familiar with my habit should know, I care deeply about the “characters” Dollfie Dream I have chosen to “adopt” into my Dollfie Dream family.  While I don’t generally get too excited about new anime, but an anime that is connected to my Dollfie Dream daughters is definitely a must watch for me!

While I have already spent plenty of time to play the Shining Hearts PSP game before I chose to adopt Airy and Neris, there is nothing like seeing another anime based on Tony Taka style characters, since I am pretty much a Tony Taka fanboy.  One interesting note I should point out is that although Airy, Neris and Amil were labeled as sisters, you will never see all of them together (other than the initial screen) or interact with each other since each main heroines paths are completely separate (although the game itself is almost certainly identical).

It shall be interesting to see how the anime will play out the roles of the three main heroines since the game story doesn’t have any of that!

Here is the hope that the Shining Hearts anime will lead to more Dollfie Dream based on the Shining universe (actually, I already heard some rumor about that, fufufufu)

Or perhaps the upcoming title Shining Blade?  Which will bring us a nice cross over from multiple Shining universe!

Here is the detail story I have obtained from ANN

The Bushiroad Strategic Presentation 2011 event announced on Wednesday that a television anime adaptation of Sega’s Shining Hearts fantasy role-playing game has been green-lit for next spring. Production I.G will animate the project.

The anime includes voice cast members from the PSP game, although three sisters will be voiced by different actresses, instead of by one actress (Kanae Itō) as in the game:
Hiroshi Kamiya as Rick
Kanae Itō as Amil
Mai Aizawa as Neris
Shiori Mikami as Airy

But for now, allow me to share some of the Tony Taka artwork I have collected on Shining Hearts :3

Airy is one smoking hot sister :3

I was a little sad to find out that there was no way to get a Kaguya or Maxima ending in the Shining Hearts game (For those of you who are not familiar with the story, I will try to refrain myself from spoiling the story anymore than I have here.)

I have be absolutely honest here that the story of Shining Hearts isn’t necessarily ground breaking or anything like that, although it does have its own twist and turn…. just who is the mysterious sexy looking girl called Maxima hmmmmm (hahahaha), it’s a fairly typical fantasy style PRG setting… but if anything else, a chance to see another anime based on Tony Taka character is rewarding enough for me!

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