[PC Game] Super Sonico Communication First Impression

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It’s probably pretty difficult to not have heard about Nitro+’s mascot character Super Sonico in the past couple of months.  Originally a nameless mascot character to represent a concert-like musical events called “Nitro Super Sonic”.  Since the fans adore this busty pink-haired anime girl wearing headphones and it didn’t take long for Nitro+ to catch on and officially named this nameless mascot Super Sonico, the event she is meant to represent.  And according to fresh information from dannychoo.com, Sonico and Mirai are now members of AKB48!

I began testing the Super Sonico PC game that Nitro+ released the other night, called the Sonicomi or Communication with Sonico.  While it is not exactly an eroge game, but more like a dating simulation game.  The game allow you to interact with Super Sonico as she progresses thru her idol career, given Nitro+’s history of erotic visual novel, I think we can expect a little more than just hanging out and chat with the pink-haired beauty.  I am quite looking forward to the cameo appearance of Dannychoo’s mascot character Mirai in game~

During the introduction phase of the game, you learned that you are actually an apprentice cameramen.

And somehow Super Sonico was tossed up in the air and landed onto you during a concert… a fated meeting perhaps?

And what was I doing with that hand ^.^;;;;;

But unfortunately, you never got the name of the girl during your first encounter…

However, luck was on your side after all, the next day you showed up to work at the studio; you learned that headphone wearing pink hair busty girl is actually up-and-coming idol called Super Sonico and she was coming to have her first photo shoot~

Somehow you managed to convince your sensei to let you have the first crack on this job… and you got to spent some time with Sonico alone.

A chance for conversation and some of these conversation will affect Sonico’s love index towards you.

And here comes the mission!

There are various settings you can adjust before you start~ For example:

Like location

Sonico’s current attribute, there are mainstream, subculture, genki and etc.

And you can also customize her costume~

And since I only just started the game, there aren’t too many choices to choose from yet!

And skin tone as well.

Basic tutorial of the photo mission~  The control is pretty simple, you just aim at those circles and press the shutter, but if you got to wait for it to turn pink before you can shoot, shoot too early you will get a bad shot.  There are perfect, great, good, poor to bad, and as long as you don’t get a poor or bad you can accumulate on the total combo.

And supposedly, if you got a string of bad shots, you could take a break and chat with Sonico.

Here is a video I recorded of how the photo shoot goes~

So far it’s been a pretty fun game to play~ Those of you who would like to pick up your own copy of Sonicomi can find it in J-list

As her cameramen, you can help shape Sonico’s idol career as she progresses!

Will she go with the erotic mode or mainstream or geki?

As soon as I discover more interesting element of the game, I will be sure to post another update~ Time to SoniComi ~  Those of you who are interested, you can order this Communication with Sonico from J-List

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