Sakuya Izayoi Dollfie Dream’s Arrival

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It’s been well over 3 months since Dollfie Dream DD Sakuya arrive at my home from HTDP Kobe After Event lottery … those of you who who read my blog after the Kobe doll party announcement probably remembered that I didn’t plan on adopting DD Sakuya at all, courtesy of Volks’ poor presentation of their Dollfie Dream (as usual), luckily I was able to catch one of the owner’s pictures with a Miruya wig before the after event lottery and that was enough to convince me that I must bring DD Sakuya home somehow.

I didn’t plan to wait this long before introducing DD Sakuya, but somehow I got pre-occupied with other tasks and I just couldn’t get to it.  However, the fact that I took this long before introducing Sakuya doesn’t mean she isn’t important to me!  On the contrary, I actually believe Sakuya is the most beautiful dollfie dream released “this year”!

Being one of the first two dollfie dream to come standard with DD III body, I was quite impressed with Sakuya’s ability to strike various poses and being about to stand on her own without a stand.  However, I have came across a few people where they inadvertently broke some of the leg joints.  Upon testing the joints myself, I have concluded that while the DD III has a much greater freedom of motion but since the leg joints on the DD III are much tighter than that of the DD II; and therefore, it is possible to bend the joints the wrong way (due to the improved degrees of motion) and cause permanent damage to the skeleton pieces (it’s just plastic after all).  My conclusion is that while DD III is indeed superior than DD II in terms of pose-ability, however, one must be very careful when handling the leg joints on the DD III, even more so than when handling DD II.

Sakuya has such a beautiful face when you look close up to her, I seriously don’t know how Volks can possibly screw up her introduction pictures, they look nothing like she is now!  It’s also very convenient to be able to bend the arm without having to pull out the secret joint.

While Sakuya came with a short wig, and I was never a fan of short wig in general; so I decided to get the same Miruya wig that my friend did.  While they are located in Japan, they would gladly accept oversea order, which is a big plus since they have a very nice collection of wigs that are suitable for DD.

Soon after Sakuya arrived in August, I actually took her out to Chinatown for a photo shoot with twitter friends Tsunamidelta, Faustband and Anonymous_object, more on that in a later post ~  Here is a shot taken when we took a break at the nearby restaurant.

I guess that fact that I have delayed Sakuya’s introduction post by so long, she got to try out the my newly acquired Nikon D7000 first XD

That’s it for now, I really wanted to get the introduction of Sakuya out there before the Thanksgiving holiday end, which I am just about done.  Hopefully I would have more time to do more photo shoot in the upcoming Christmas holiday ~

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