Wolfheinrich’s World/Dollfigure.com Quick ‘n Easy Giveaway Nov 2011

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As the holiday season approaches, I decided to stay home today and clean up my Dollfie Dream accessories a little bit.  I really do have accumulated a lot of clothes and accessories over the years, and a lot of the items that I thought I wanted at one point had either been obsoleted or superseded by items that came later; long story short, there is very little reason to hold onto everything I have so I decided to run a series of giveaway contests over the holiday season so keep your eyes open for future contests also.  The first item I am going to giveaway is a brand new Dollfie Dream S bust that came with Dollfie Dream Moe II, those of you who know me probably also understand that I have no love for S-bust, so instead of letting it go unused, I would rather give it away.

So, how do you enter this contest?  Well, the previous contest I have run before seemed a bit too complicated so I am going to make it simple this time.   All you have to do is to leave a comment in any of my featured blog posts…

and or any of my flickr photos I have uploaded within that past days or so~


Winners will be chosen at random, I do count duplicate entries so more comments in different blog posts/photos so that will give you better chances to win.  You have Nov. 20 24:00 hours to submit your entry~  I will announce the winner next week~

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