Dollfie Dream Saber Lily X Mashiro’s Secret Time ~

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It’s been over 3 months since I took this set of photos when I took DD Saber Lily Dollfie back to Hong Kong, but for the longest time I just haven’t been in the right mood to do post-processing on some of these photos ….  Part of me wanted to finish up my travel reports before I start posting the Dollfie Dream photo (which I finally did last month!) … then somewhere along that line I was sidetracked by other issues, then other events popped up, games to play, more photos were taken that didn’t require much post processing etc … but finally, I managed to crawl back to the point where I am actually ready to publish this photo set!  This particular photo set was actually a joint effort with Twitter friend TonyBSD and his daughter Mashiro, we originally wanted to go out for outdoor photos but the weather wasn’t cooperating during whole week I was in Hong Kong so we ended up taking much fewer photos than I really wanted.

Here is a snap shot of Lily when we waited for TonyBSD and Mashiro chan to arrive~

In the midst of waiting, Lily suddenly felt like she wanted to spice things up a little…. before Mashiro chan arrived.

Under such circumstances, there wasn’t much I could do but to oblige ….

Seeing that Lily has already got down to business, TonyBSD’s Mashiro is also ready to show us her asset!

Here we have some very special shots of my daughter Lily and TonyBSD’s Mashiro spending some precious time together <3 They even have a matching pair of pantsu!

Lily is happy that she got to meet Mashiro face to face after hearing about her from TonyBSD for so long~ You can find TonyBSD’s photo of this session from his flickr page.

On the other hand, we are literally a day or two at most from the Dolpa 26 limited Dollfie Dream announcement, I wonder who will the new Dollfie Dream be :)   Originally, I thought Saber Extra was going to come out in December but Volks surprised us all by releasing them through a web-order project which leaves Dolpa 26 wide open for speculation.  Based on the information I have on hand, it is likely that we may see a reissue of past popular Dollfie Dream, or a continuation of the Shining universe releases.  It would be very interesting to find out when the preview pics come out late Friday night (which is about the time when the VIP/VS members get their cellphone pics of the upcoming releases).

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