PVC Figure Activities Nov. 2011

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Majority of my figures collection have always originated from either anime and games that I have enjoyed; and if for some odd chances that I came across a figure that managed to catch my attention and I knew nothing about it, then I would start to search fanatically for information related to the said character…  Not a whole lot of PVC figures have caught my attention in the past months or so but since I have spent a little time playing Daiteikoku a few months back (I haven’t quite finish the game yet but hoping to get back into it during the holiday season), this Retia Adolf or Lertih Adolf -Ultimate Idol- version has caught my attention.  Retia is one of the main heroines you can go after in game and she is crazy strong once you have recruited her.  She is said to be the greatest genius in the (Daiteikoku) universe — she dramatically revolutionized the Third Reich’s politics, economics, inventions, and military power while cheering on her troops in the Ultimate Idol form (which I never quite got to see in game yet).  She even ranked first, with 7902 votes, in Alicesoft‘s female popularity poll, can anyone else top that?  I am really glad that I can finally see what the Ultimate Idol mode looks like :)

And hopefully I would be able to do a proper review of the game during the upcoming holiday season~

Since I have resumed playing Shining Hearts PSP just recently; naturally the Red Tea Princess Rufina from Kotobukiya has also caught my attention..

The reason why she is referred to as Red Tea Princess has to do with the fact that literally every one of her mission in game were about finding ingredient for bread that goes well with her tea >.>;;;

And if it were up to me, I would love to have a Dollfie Dream Rufina to add on top of my Shining Hearts Collection~

Now if I start talking about Shining Hearts, one can’t possibly forget about Maxima can we?

This sexy Maxima Enfield actually came out a few months ago via Volks’s Chara Gumin line back in August (I just never got around to talk about it).  The Chara Gumin is actually a line of partially completed figures that are meant to give hobbyist a chance to build their own figure ~

And here is the parts that will allow you to assemble your own Maxima Enfield!  While I am not quite sure I am going to pick her up but this is definitely a neat idea~

Then again, if you ask me; I am looking forward to a “possible” future release of Maxima Enfield in Dollfie Dream form… since the information I have to-date suggested that Volks will continue to release licensed Dollfie Dream in the “Shining” universe.  I have always been a Tony Taka fan, despite some people feel that his characters always look kind of similar; but in my opinion, being different doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

While I am on a roll about the Tony Taka, if there was one figure that I regret about not getting; it has got to be Native Collet 1/6 PVC, and I have always thought about getting her after seeing her review in Tentacle Aramada.

Which is of course based on an illustration from Tony ~

Since she is kind of an older figure and there is no real easy way to obtain a Native figure once it’s been sold out… luckily I came across a fairly decent deal on Yahoo Japan the other day and since the price was good, it was extremely difficult to turn it down despite I have scaled down my budget for PVC figures.

Lastly, and perhaps the most unexpected pre-order I have made in recent memory…

Yes!  I have ordered a revoltech… better yet, I have ordered the Notoriously Hentai Woody from Toy Story.  Now I have never been a big fan of Toy Story but it is very difficult to ignore the ridiculously funny face that Woody is capable of…

And you all know why I wanted to get Woody right ^///^;;;

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