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Roughly after two months of its initial release date during the Festival in Akihabara Event, the Dollfie Dream Official Fan Book has finally made it to my doorstep today!  And to celebrate this special occasion, I have my (yet to be introduced) daughter Dollfie Dream Moe ver. 2 here taking a photo with the book since they were both introduced at the same time!

It’s has been a long time since I had done a video magazine, haven’t I?  I think the Dollfie Dream Official Fan Book is just the right place to do another one!

The big focal point of the Dollfie Dream Official Fan Book is all about the Akihabara Girls with as many as half of the pages devoted to them, but the fan book also contain some nice images of various Fate/stay night and Fate/unlimited codes characters such as Rin Tohsaka and Saber Lily!

And here is a closer look at Moe chan, I am not quite satisfy with her look yet because I would much rather see her dress her hair down like she was in the cover of the fan book; but unfortunately I won’t see that wig from Volks USA until may be 2 months later… so the official introduction of Moe chan will have to wait until then!

Each one of the fan book come with a photo of the Akihabara girls, and I am lucky to have one with Natsuki and Moe chan together!

Speaking of Volks USA, they have once again updated their front page to remind us that the ordering period of Type-Moon X Dollfie Dream Collaboration project ends on October 30th.  In fact, Volks International has already closed their pre-order to oversea customers!

Here we have a couple photos of Dollfie Dream Saber Fate/EXTRA version sporting Saber’s trademark maid dress!

And her casual clothes~

Another solid proof that Dollfie Dream is just full of possibilities!

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