Connecting PSP Slim To PC with RemoteJoy Lite USB Interface

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As we are roughly a week away from the state side (USA) release of Fate/EXTRA PSP game, I have got to get prepared to play it.  As many of you who are familiar with my habit must already know, I always play the game/watch the anime associated with upcoming Dollfie Dream daughters I planned to adopt, I did that for Brighter than Dawning Blue, To Heart 2, Fate/hallow ataraxia, Fortune Arterial, Fate/unlimited codes, Shining Hearts, and now I must play Fate/EXTRA since I have already placed the pre-order for Saber Nero Dollfie Dream Fate/EXTRA version.  However, there is just this one little problem… I have never been a big fan of mobile gaming due to the fact that I dislike looking downward to a tiny screen… and holding gaming unit up seemed too tiring over a long period of time….  While PSP does has the capability of component video output to an external monitor, but none of my current monitors support that feature….  Several months ago, I attempted to look for a way to connect my PSP to my computer via the USB interface but that attempt failed to come to fruition due to the software and driver that were available at the time did not fully support my PSP Slim (and I couldn’t get Windows to recognize the PSP Type B usb driver no matter what I did back then).

Fast forward a couple of months, on this faithful Saturday afternoon, I decided to try my luck again because I have to start to play Fate/EXTRA pretty soon …. much to my surprise…. it actually worked via the latest version of remote joy lite and the PSP Type B driver!

Here is Airy chan showing us how the PSP is connected to my PC via the USB interface.  Those of you who would like to connect your PSP Slim, you can find the latest version of Remote Joy Lite and drivers here.  Upon extracting the files, you will see a folder structure like this.

Now, grab your PSP and put it in USB mode and place the RemoteJoyLite.prx in your seplugins folder, then create two text files called vsh.txt and game.txt with the following line in each of them

ms0:/seplugins/RemoteJoyLite.prx 1

Next reboot your PSP into recovery mode by holding the R button during power up.

Under plugin, enable RemoteJOyLite.prx for both VSH and Game.  And with the USB still connected to your PC, exit recovery mode, it should immediately prompt you about installing the PSP Type B driver but if you have a Windows 7 machine, it might not let you install the driver because it’s not digitally signed.

Fortunately, if you are able to get to this step, we can still get it to work by forcing an update by highlighting the PSP Type B line in Device Manager and do an update to the driver.

Browse to the RemoteJoyLite\drivers folder you extracted earlier.

And Windows will complain about it, just ignore it and say Install this driver software anyway!

And success!  Now you can launch the RemoteJoyLite Software and it will automatically connect to your PSP.

*Note* If you computer cannot recognize the PSP Type B device driver for whatever reason, you can install this application called pspdisp, which is an application that will allow you to share your desktop with the PSP, the installation package will be able to force the PSP Type B driver to install (you still have to tell Windows to ignore the the warning though).

Once the connection between your PSP and RemoteJoyLite is establish, do a right mouse button and you can access RemoteJoyLite settings… like enabling keyboard input!

You can even turn off your PSP screen off to conserve battery life!

I have a feeling that now that I have sucessfully connected my PSP to my computer screen, I will be more willing to play PSP games than ever before!

Reference Source: [Tutorial] Installing remotejoy lite

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