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Ever since the announcement of the Type-Moon X Dollfie Dream collaboration project, I have been keeping a close contact with Volks USA; and among the various topics we have discussed, one of them was that they wanted to see how my Saber Dollfie Dream were doing recently.  Then I thought… why not?  I always enjoyed sharing my photos with Volks USA since they always wholeheartedly appreciate them, and I always find it interesting to hear what they have to say about my work.

Today it’s Saber and Saber Alter‘s turn to get featured in Sumika Times~

And among my most favorite shot has got to be this, I spent quite a few shots to get the proper exposure setting for this shot to come out exactly like this.  And while you were there, you can also check out Saber Lily Dollfie‘s entry in Volks USA ~

[Explore] Sunset Saber セイバー Dollfie Dream In Open Field

And after be listed on Flickr Explore for 7 days straight, it still managed to keep pace within the top 100 photos!  A feat that I have not achieved until now!  Thank you for everyone who visited my flickr stream!  Since this shot turned out so well, I have already uploaded it to my deviantART account with print service available shortly.

[Explore] Sunset Photo with Saber セイバー Dollfie Dream

deviantART link

Here is my second favorite photos of the day, and coincidentally, both of them have managed to keep their spot in Explore so far!  Since the result turned out so well the first time, I couldn’t help but felt compelled to go back again as I didn’t bring everything I want on the first day…. there was one shot I absolutely wanted to do but couldn’t…. that preview shot is available here for registered members :3

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I am still in the middle of processing all the photos I took that day, that with the announcement of Sakura Taisen X Dollfie Dream, and the release of the Steins;Gate English Patch fan-translation has put me in a tailspins… too many things to do, not enough time to do it!


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