Steins;Gate PC ver. English Patch

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This week has been a very exciting so far, first with the confirmation of Sakura Taisen/Wars X Dollfie Dream project; now earlier today, the week just got better with comrade Wisefreeman alerted me regarding the existence of this Steins;Gate English patch.  While I already knew a translation group was already working on delivering that but their release schedule was pointing to something closer to the end of the year release, so I was presently surprised to hear about this English Patch is ready for consumption here.  Since I have already stated my intention to play the visual novel after watching the highly successful anime adaption, I wasted little time to install the patch after I got home from work.

Since I already have the game, so I only need to install the patch before I start playing~

Then I was greeted by the opening monologue that appeared to be from the Okabe of 2025, who spent 15 years of his life grieving over the death of his true love.

There are several patches to install, one of them will add the subtitle to the opening movie sequence~

I have already played through the prologue and in the midst of Chapter 1 right now, so this patch is definitely real and it’s playable.  The translation is ok but from what I understand so far, the translation is not completely through editing yet so you might see some dialogue that doesn’t sound very smooth and there are some occasional editing error too but that’s not a real big deal to me at this point.  Considering with all the excitement from the Sakura Taisen/Wars Dollfie Dream announcement, I badly needed something to divert my attention and this Steins;Gate patch arrive just at the perfect time….. oh wait, haven’t I been lusting for a Kurisu Makise Dollfie Dream too…..? Orz

Anyway, so here are some of the game screens, here we have the a-hole known as Dr. Nakabachi …

And the ♥ ♥ ♥ Kurisu Makise, also known as my joshu 助手 ~

And the beginning of that awesome adventure

As you can see, the dialogue and phone control are all translated already so the game is definitely playable.  Here Okabe just getting ready to send his first D-mail.

Back at the Future Gadget Laboratory

The game flow is slight different from that of the anime, which explains the sequence of the events in more logical manners.

As you can see here, Kurisu actually got to see the first d-mail during their first encounter in the Alpha world line, which explains why she would ended up going to meet Okabe in Future Gadget Lab.

And here is that in game editing error I mentioned earlier, not a huge deal in my opinion as long as the game remain to be playable.

Steins;Gate has been known as a 99% Science 1 % Fantasy visual novel, and sure enough I was quite blown away with the amount of scientific explanation that’s in game.

Here is the in game menu.

And the Save screen.

With my experience thus far, this looks like a very promising English patch that’s relatively stable.  Looks like Christmas just came early XDc  I will report on any new finding as I come across them, now it’s time for more Steins;Gate!


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