Sakura Taisen X Dollfie Dream

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I briefly mentioned over the weekend that Volks is in the process of gearing up for the 15th anniversary celebration of Sakura Taisen/Wars and there is mentioning of a Sakura Taisen Dollfie Dream project.  Well if there was ever lingering doubt that we are going to see a Sakura Shinguji Dollfie Dream, this picture shall put your mind at ease.

Those of you who are not familiar with the story of Sakura Taisen, I can say it’s bascially like a grand daddy of modern dating sim +SRPG with its revolutionary LIPS system that was so advanced at its time that it completely blew everything away.  I remember someone once claimed that Sakura Taisen is one of those greatest games that would never made it to the western world but that claim was made invalid when Sakura Wars V was localized in US in 2010.  The original franchise more or less fade out of mainstream more or less 10 years ago.  Now, considering the original game was dated game 15 years ago so there isn’t really high definition video of the original game in existence, I will leave you with whatever I was able to find in youtube.  Time to start looping 檄!帝国華撃団 フル on my mp3 player again XD

Recap from my last post

Did I mention I have been a huge Sakura Taisen fan ever since the beginning?

SEGA PC Software Collection

SEGA Dreamcast / CD collection

Original artbook and strategy guide~

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