Dollfie Dream Gathering October 22-23, 2011

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We are about 2 weeks away from the Dollfie Dream Gathering event that’s usually held near the end of October.  Unlike a Doll Party event where Volks usually introduced licensed character items, DD Gathering is usually an event that Volks usually introduce their original items in recent years.  The original Akihabara Girls Natsuki and Moe were both introduced in the DD Gathering event.

The main highlight of this year’s DD Gathering event has got to be the introduction of DDH-06, Aoi and Yukino version 2, both of them will be sporting a new faceup and the recently released Dollfie Dream III Basic Body that was introduced in July this year.

Tenshi-no-Koromo Dresses~

And the September Outfit Collection

And finally, DDH-06, Shapely L bust and new optional hands~

Volks News 45

Those of you who are interested in acquiring the pre-painted versions of DDH-06, you are going to have to get yourself a copy of Volks News 45 and wait for the instruction to purchase these lovely pre-painted head~

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