Fate/EXTRA Saber Dollfie Dream Close-up

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More exciting photos have emerged from Volks DD-Blog as we just passed the second full week of the Type-Moon X Dollfie Dream Collaboration Project.  This time we have some fairly good closeup shot of Saber Nero Dollfie Dream Fate/EXTRA ver., previously released photos in the official gallery didn’t give us a very good look at her faceup but this time DD-Blog has Nero chan tried out different wigs too, which is a bonus!  Enough chit-chat here, let’s take a look~

As you can see here, she gives off a completely different feeling than that of the original Saber Dollfie Dream

[Explore] Saber セイバー Dollfie Dream with Saber Alter セイバーオルタ Dollfie Dream

Here is a new photo of Saber Dollfie Dream I took earlier this week, which I have posted in Sunset Photos With Saber Dollfie Dream

Here is a short wig version, personally I prefer longer wig ^^;

Lovely pink wig ^^b

This has got to be my favorite version so far~

Personally not too fond of wig that shows too much forehead but Nero chan looks pretty feminine here~

Very good clean look to her face on this shot here~

Not a fan of the hime cut either but that has certainly changed her look and feel~

Speaking of photos, since the photo session I did earlier this week has been extremely rewarding, which resulted in 4 of my photos making the cut for Flickr Explore within 2 days!!!  With 3 of them being top 100 finish on their first day!!!

[Explore] Sunset Saber セイバー Dollfie Dream In Open Field [Explore] Sunset Photo with Saber セイバー Dollfie Dream [Explore] Sunset with Saber セイバー Dollfie Dream Full

1. Saber セイバーリリィSaber Lily Maid Version ◆Le chat de neige◆ Alison, 2. Sunset Photo with Saber セイバー Dollfie Dream, 3. Sunset Photo with Saber セイバー Dollfie Dream, 4. DD Kusugawa Sasara and Peach Pai, 5. Sunset Saber セイバー Dollfie Dream, 6. Saber Lily Dollfie Dream in Hong Kong, 7. DD Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川ささら and Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ, 8. DD Saber Lily セイバー・リリィ 賀兔年,

9. Dollism Plus 6 Dollfie World Table Panorama, 10. Dollfie Dream DD Kusugawa Sasara Peach Pai Temptation II, 11. [Explore] Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily DD セイバー・リリィ Red Bunny Oppai Service, 12. DD Saber Alter and Her Big Mac, 13. DD Airy in Cool Cat Lingerie Set, 14. Dollfie Dream Daughters Grand Glorious Gathering Sixteen Daughters Version, 15. Feena chan – tagged by Tsunamidelta, 16. Saber セイバー Dollfie Dream with Saber Alter セイバーオルタ Dollfie Dream,

17. My Six Dollfie Princesses 六大魔女圖改, 18. Dollfie Dream DD フェイト本局制服セット

That result left me with little choice but to go out again earlier today… LOL

Can you guess which daughters have gone out with me this time?  Registered users will be able to see the sneak preview here~

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