Sunset Photos With Saber Dollfie Dream

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It’s been a while since I decided to do another Dollfie Dream photo post, it’s not that I haven’t been taking photos of my Dollfie Dream girls; I still have a bunch of photos of Saber Lily Dollfie‘s adventure in Hong Kong, DD Sakuya‘s outing in Chinatown etc… but for some odd reasons I haven’t been very motivated to post them online.  However, with the introduction of Type-Moon X Dollfie Dream Pre-Order Project in full gear, I have been keeping a close contact with Volks USA in recent weeks and after watching the first episode of Fate/Zero over the weekend, all of a sudden I felt like I wanted to do some cool photos with Servant Saber Dollfie Dream in her full gear and with a few extra photos of her younger sister Alter :)

A mysterious knight descent ~

She turned to me and ask….

Are you my Master?

(Doesn’t that look like I am really summoning a Servant to participate in the Holy Grail War?) LOL

Hehehehe, all joke aside, I really felt like doing a sunset theme for Saber ever since last week and I finally bite the bullet today and took Saber out to a wild grassland after work.  It worked out surprisingly well, the sun was hiding behind a slight overcast so it wasn’t as strong even when I put it within the frame.

I always wanted put Saber in an open field as she was often illustrated in the Fate/stay night anime.

I am really quite happy with how some of the photos turned out :-)

Back home, Saber is greeted by her twin sister Alter.

Dollfie Dream Saber セイバー and セイバーオルタ

Even though the two of them shares the same face mold, they give off very different feeling don’t they?  Now that I have taken Saber out, don’t you think for a second that I didn’t bother to take her twin sister Alter out for a few snap shots :-P

For the longest time, I wouldn’t put Saber Alter on a photo shoot because I wasn’t satisfy with how her wig look, her side bang was not straight and not long enough since that was not an official wig.  However, soon after Volks announced that Saber Alter ver. 2 is coming out, it gave me the courage to work on it and I am happy to say it turned out alright.


Saber Alter セイバーオルタ Dollfie Dream

Saber Alter セイバーオルタ Dollfie Dream

Are you preparing to participate in the Holy Grail War Type-Moon X Dollfie Dream Pre-Order Project?  If so, which ones of the upcoming Dollfie Dream is your favorite?

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