Type-Moon X Dollfie Dream Pre-Order Project Schedule Impact Update

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I briefly mentioned in my blog post on Saber Alter And Fate/EXTRA Saber Dollfie Dream Official Gallery yesterday that due to the overwhelming demand of these highly desirable Dollfie Dream, Volks has been force to split the project into 2 and we are finally getting more details of the schedule impact today.

Based on the details that are available right now, it appears that the 1st and 2nd pre-order period have the same “payment schedule”, which has a deadline of Nov. 7th.  Those of you who pre-order prior to Sept. 29 are not likely to be impacted by the schedule change, however, if you are to place your order today, you won’t see the new Dollfie Dream until after March (date subjected to change).  The same schedule slip also applies to Volks USA customers, only difference is that you won’t see the delivery until June 2012 >.>;


However, something that sort of bothered me is that Volks has some inconsistent dates in their ordering pages here and here.

Notice the 2nd Pre-Order end date has been marked in “red” and changed to Oct. 25th.  I am not sure if that is a typo or not but based on the situation on hand, it is probably best to not wait until the last minute to place your order.  I will give this blog up-to-date if I notice other changes.  With all that said, I wonder how many of these Sabers will be produced at the end of the project?  Is it true that the attractor field converges on a world line full of Saber Dollfie Dream?

Besides the schedule change, Volks has also updated their ordering pages and added a few “close up” photos that were not included in the official gallery I updated yesterday~

Saber セイバー Nero Dollfie Dream Fate/EXTRA

Saber Alter セイバーオルタ 2nd Ver. Dollfie Dream

Saber Alter セイバーオルタ 2nd Ver. Dollfie Dream


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