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It has been an exciting week for Dollfie Dream related news, first we had the official announcement of the Type-Moon 10th Anniversary X Dollfie Dream project, then we have Volks News 45 which cover the Dollfie Dream Gathering that is scheduled to happen next month; by covering these two major events together within a matter of days had result in putting excessive resource usage in my shared hosting account that could bring down the server.  My web hosting told me that even though my site didn’t have that many visitors but the resource usage was exceeding the limit of the shared hosting account I have with them and they had to shut down my site…. At that point, I had a decision to make…. Do I let my web hosting shut me down and take down the exciting Dollfie Dream news that everyone want to read about?  Or do I step away from the economical shared hosting solution to a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?  Decision… decision…

Even though it’s substantially more expensive by moving up to a VPS platform, and since I don’t make any money off running this site, it will burn a hole in my pocket; but I felt that I didn’t want to let down my readers and decided to keep the site up and running until I can figure out a way to reduce the resource usage during peak traffic time period (such as during Dolpa news coverage etc.)

So from now on to the foreseeable future, I will be keeping this blog site running in a VPS; in a quest to try to determine which settings do I need to adjust to reduce cpu usage on the hosting server going forward.

Since I can’t really do any meaningful measurement without traffic spikes, those of you who would like to lend a helping hand in my quest, please feel free to re-post/link/share/like any of my blog posts I have written so I can better monitor resource usage!  Your help would be greatly appreciated!

And here I have conveniently provided some of the more popular blog posts I have written in recent months~

Thank you for your help and cooperation!

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Dollfie Dream DD Kusugawa Sasara Peach Pai Temptation II

DD Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川ささら Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ Temptation 誘惑 II

Saber Lily Dollfie Dream Named Site Mascot And Editor For

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Maid Version ◆Le chat de neige◆ Alison

What Happen When Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily and Kiriha Got Drunk? [18+]

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Red Bunny Oppai Service

And on a slightly unrelated note, my web hosting provider was actually subject to a cyber attack scheme which affected up to 700000 websites on September 25th.  Fortunately I was up during that time and I was able to keep the site up and running without running into too much problem, lucky me!

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