Fate/Zero Will be Streamed Worldwide Simultaneously with Subtitle of 8 Languages

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Found this out a few hours ago thru the courtesy one of my twitter mates @managajet; apparently, Nico Nico Douga and Aniplex have teamed up to “Simulcast” the upcoming Type-Moon novel to anime adaption “Fate/Zero” worldwide and in Eight Different Languages Subtitles!  This first time event is absolutely huge for anime fans worldwide!!  For the very first time, it felt like those of us anime fans who do not live in Japan are now counted for something!

Source: http://www.zenhonbuph.net/2011/09/aniplex-nico-nico-to-stream-fatezero-worldwide/

TOKYO, JAPAN (September 21, 2010) — niwango Inc., known for its “Nico Nico Douga” video sharing website
(www.nicovideo.jp), and Aniplex Inc. have jointly announced today that they will premiere Aniplex’s brand
new TV series titled “Fate/Zero” worldwide (except for Japan) streaming simultaneously with eight different
language subtitles on Sunday, October 2 at 1:00am (Japan local time) immediately following its TV airing on
October 1.
In this first time event in the industry’s history, the First Episode of
“Fate/Zero” will be streamed on “Nico Nico Channel” for anime fans
outside Japan free of charge. Subsequent episodes will also be streamed
in the same manner every week.
“Fate/Zero” is one of the most popular properties in Japan, and Aniplex
with niwango decided to team up to make it available immediately to
anime fans outside Japan.
Anyone who has an account with “Nico Nico  Douga” can post their
comments on its live video in various languages. While language will be
set automatically based on the language of your browser, you can also
select a language of your choice from the menu. Each episode will be
exclusively streamed for a week.

Here is the press release Press Statement released by Aniplex of America

I am extremely pleased to see this, streaming is definitely the way to go for Anime going forward!  I believe I am speaking out for most fans here that most of us aren’t willing to wait 4-6 months for the physical media to be release on top of weighting in the chance that it might get licensed in the country we live in and may be it will get subtitled and released in physical media a few months after that.  It might have been fine back in the 80s to early 90s, but we live in the Information Age now!  Who wants to put up with all the waiting time?  I will pay for it (mind you I do have a premium Crunchyroll subscription), I want to see the anime I love no less than my Japanese counterpart!  I hope this will set up a good trend for other anime studios to follow ~

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