Volks News 45 Dollfie Dream Gathering

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With all the talk about the upcoming Type-Moon 10th Anniversary X Dolllfie Dream Pre-Order Project, I am betting some of you might have forgotten that we are just about a month away from DD Gathering that is usually held around the last week of October?  With the latest issue of Volks News 45 just begun circulating in Japan within the past day or so, we are starting to see the new scans coming out in various forums.  I have to say I am not too surprised by what I am seeing here, I sort of expected to see Aoi and Yukino ver. 2 sporting the new DD III body, the Shapely L bust, and perhaps the most interesting offer is the introduction of DDH-06, quite possibly the most beautiful non-limited head release thus far!  Enough of me talking, so let’s go to the scans I have collected on the internet~

Dollfie Dream Gathering is to be held on October 22-23 this year~

Both standard model Dollfie Dream Aoi and Yukino are getting the ver. 2 treatment, which we have been seeing quite a bit lately~

DD Blog actually leaked the picture of DDH-06 a couple days ago, and I have to say it is most probably the most beautiful non-limited head I have seen to-date~

Some MDD clothes~

And Sakura and DDH-06 modeling for the DD clothes~

Rina and Yuki modeling for the DD meido dresses~

New optional hands, DDII-H-08 and DDII-H-09, and for MDD as well.

And all the standard heads lined up together.  I am still going to stick to my gun and say DDH-06 is possibly the most beautiful I have seen, I think she has faint traces of Reimu X Morikawa Yuki in her!

And of course, the DDII Shapely L bust~  Or should we call that DDIII now?  I wonder~

Multiple usages of the new optional hands?

And of course, we will also have the magazine exclusive DDH-06, be sure to pick up a copy of Volks News 45 if you want to get the prepainted version~

And some new shoes~

Then we have some SD stuffs~


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