Dollfie Dream Saber Alter Version 2

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Volks DD-blog has been teasing us that more information will be available regarding the Type Moon 10th Anniversary X Dollfie Dream project that was announced last week.  While most of us already knew the next Dollfie Dream Saber was going to be Nero based on the teaser from the Dollfie Dream fan book released back in August, but few of us have actually prepared for what Volks was ready to throw at us…

Entering Saber Alter Dollfie Dream version 2 with the artwork based on 武内 崇 Takeuchi Takashi, one of the two Dollfie Dream set to be available for pre-order from the fourth installment of the hugely popular Dollfie Dream web order project.  Volks is really setting up a new precedent here, first with Dollfie Dream Moe II, now Saber Alter ver. 2; that limited Dollfie Dream can be up for 2nd release under unique circumstances!  While I am perfectly aware that some selected Dollfie Dream have been released more than one occasions, like Escalayer for example; but this is indeed a new trend that Volks is starting here.  I have mentioned a few times in the past couple of months that Volks has been more proactive in making their limited Dollfie Dream to be available in a wider market and they have been doing good, keep up the good works Volks~~

Right now it is not clear whether Saber Alter 2nd version will share the same head mold with Saber Alter or not, but if the earlier Moe II release was any indication; I think there is a chance we are indeed looking at an identical face mold.  That’s all the information we have right now, the swimsuit here could very well be an early bird order bonus, I will do my best to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest information~

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