Steins;Gate The Movie Will Tell A Different Story From Anime

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For the past couple of week, browsing through looking for Steins;Gate related related material to read has become my daily routine.  Apparently, based on a recent livestream from 5pb./MAGES president., Chiyomaru Shikur, the Steins;Gate movie will feature a different route compared to the anime.

Some fans have asked for the screenplay of the film , whether it was a cut-paste the anime or have original material. Shikura Chiyomaru revealed that the film Steins; Gate will have a new story, different from the anime.

He has not made clear if it will cover any of the other branches of the visual novel unexplored in the anime or not (although the end is the same, there are several alternative routes from other lines of universe covered), but it will be something new.

Among the things he noted, says he does not tell the story of Suzuhara (told in no Boukan manga Rebellion).


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