Fate/Extra Dollfie Dream To Be The Next DD Web Project

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There has always been a Dollfie Dream from the Fate/stay night franchise every year since 2008 and this year is no different.  I thought it was a little early for Volks to show us the preview image of Fate/Extra in the Dollfie Dream fanbook released last month, and I was right!  Apparently, to celebration the 10th anniversary of Type-Moon, they teamed up with Volks to bring us the next highly successful Dollfie Dream web order project!

Based on the image we have here so far, it is pretty safe to assume Saber Nero will be there but the dark Excalibur is an interesting twist… perhaps we will see an Armored version of Saber Alter?  Time to start chanting the Unlimited Saber Works~

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