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A couple weeks ago I started using Tumblr as my choice of microblogging service, some of you might wonder if I already have a blog so why do I need another microblog?  Well there are some instances where I just don’t want to write a full blog post just to share a picture of my Dollfie Dream daughter or whatever I come across that I find interesting enough to share; some might argue that picture hosting like twitpic or even my flickr almost serve the same purpose, however what I am looking for is something that is more personal so that’s how tumblr came out on top for me.  Those of you who are interested in following my tumblr, you can find me at http://wolfheinrich-dollfigure.tumblr.com/, obviously most of the content would be devoted to the topic of Dollfie Dream, but I will also talk about other subjects relevant to my interest such as anime, eroge game, technology gadgets, mobile computing etc~

While some of you might wonder just how Kiriha has been doing in the past few months since Saber Lily has most definitely dominated all the headline stories ever since her arrival last year; well you can rest assure I haven’t forgotten about Kiriha at all, in fact I have been spending more time perfecting Kiriha’s image like washing and taking care of her wig, getting new neck joint etc.  I will be sure to do another feature of her and Erika together again when they are both ready~


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