Steins;Gate EP 23 Is Over 9000

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It’s been a good deal of time since I was last motivated to blog about anime, but as some of you who follows my blog would know by now, for the past couple weeks I have been very much into Steins;Gate, quite possibly the only anime I have taken seriously this year.  The series took a little while to pick up the pace but once it did, it has been a non-stop climax, plot twists and surprises.  I sort of regret getting into the series a little late in the game but I am glad I decided to pick it up before it’s was over because I would have missed out on the excitement for waiting for the grand finale to arrive. From what I have seen so far, Steins;Gate is definitely one of best VN to Anime adaption in recent years and that’s saying a lot :3  Since we are almost near the end of the series, it would be a bit silly for me to go back and talk about every episode right now, so allow me to share some of the screen shots and my impression of episode 23: Open the Steins Gate, where everything is connected.

Suzuha of the Beta world line shows up in her perfected time machine, honestly think Suzuha looked more lovely in her new hairstyle~

I like how they tweaked the opening a little bit since we are nearing the climax and the fact that we arrived at the Beta worldline~

Also love how they flashed the metal upa here, I couldn’t believe the metal upa sequence was plot device they planned in episode 1, got to give it to them.

More Kurisu flashback scene <3 Since so much effort was put into saving Mayuri, I had thought may be there wasn’t a romantic relationship between Okabe and Kurisu after all, but I am so glad I was proven wrong in the last episode ^^; Kurisu is <3

Since the Beta timeline didn’t have dystopia, the time machine Suzuha came with can now travel back and forth through time.

The mystery about Kurisu having seen Okabe before they met in the press conference is finally solved, there has always been 2 Okabe in the Radio building after all!!!!  But that means… spoiler Please Login or Register to read the rest of this content.

Prof. Nakabachi being Kurisu’s father was a little surprise but it actually make a lot of sense because why else would Kurisu came to Japan to start with?  All that aside, what an A-hole he is!  After this episode, Nakabachi overtook Moeka as my most hatred character in this series!  Spoiler Please Login or Register to read the rest of this content.

So sad to see Kurisu got stabbed >.>; I guess we now know who did it….

And the where about of the metal upa!

Felt very sad to let Kurisu die T_T

And the mysterious scream we heard from episode 1 is now resolved as well >.>;

A D-mail from the future Okabe? Couldn’t quite made out the email address at first but I guess it means Steins Gate – El Psy Kongroo?

The metal upa sequence actually had much more significant meaning than I originally thought it would be, after all the plot twist I have gone throughout the series, I knew the metal upa couldn’t just gone missing without an explanation but what a plot device!

I never liked airhead type character but my respect for Mayuri gone up significantly after she pulled off the “Brightslap” on Okabe!

The video mail from the future Okabe instructing his younger self on how to create the new world line is just over the top!  Plus, someone who devoted his life for a single cause is just admirable.  *shed man tears*

I didn’t think they could out do episode 22 with all the story elements involved but they did it again with episode 23, the level of epic-ness is now OVER 9000!

I always thought this mysterious girl looked like Kurisu but I had no idea in the beginning the series put so much weight on her when I first started.  Next Tuesday couldn’t come fast enough, El Psy Congroo~

From what I understand thus far, FUNimation has picked up the right for the series and let me say it right here, I will buy this series in Blu-ray!

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