Steins;Gate 1/8 Kurisu Makisa PVC Figure Kotobukiya

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It’s been a long time since I decided to purchase any PVC figures, but as I mentioned two weeks ago, I started watching Steins;Gate in a marathon run and before I knew it, I was already searching all over the internet for more Kurisu goodies.  Fortunately for most of us who are late in getting on the Steins;Gate bandwagon, Kotobukiya is doing a second run of their 1/8 Kurisu Makise Steins;Gate figure right now so we won’t have to pay those insane markup prices for out of stock figures~

I have never drank or had the desire to try Dr.Pepper before but here I am with a bottle of it.  I can’t say I really like it but I got to give it a try just to say I did it.

For a more comprehensive review of this rather unique figure, please be sure to stop by Tentacle Aramada for his Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate.

I think I talked about it in my last blog post on Steins;Gate, I don’t think Kurisu isn’t particularly pretty by my own standard, but she made up the differences with everything else she had in her, including her inability to hide her own tsundere tendency and borderline breaking the fourth wall by telling the audience how much she dislike her tusn-tsun half being betrayed by the dere-dere half.

I am quite happy that I managed to get this Kurisu figure, but I would much rather have a Kurisu Dollfie Dream instead… Volks, are you listening?

On the other hand, we are really approaching the climax of the Steins;Gate animated series, with episode 22 giving us what Kurisu fan really wanted!

With only 2 episodes to go, Okabe must find a way to save his love interest and stop World War III, the way they pull this off after the credit was really over the top too.  I am really looking forward to the next episode which will presumably answer some of the unexplained scenes from episode 1.

However, there is just this dialogue here I cannot make head or tail out of it.  Mayuri never talked like this in the whole series!! What is she really saying here?  Hopefully we will get some answers on that too.  I haven’t been truly excited about some of the newer anime in recent seasons, but Steins;Gate really stands out from the pack for me, especially with most of the industry going with the moe trend, it’s really refreshing to see a non-moe inspiring anime getting as much attention as it has so far.  It proves to me that truly good story can still be successful without relying on moe, which makes me happy.

Those of you who are familiar with my habit, this should come as a no surprise to you that I am preparing to play the game ^^;  Hopefully I would be able to write my impression of it someday~

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