Dollfie Dream Neris’ Arrival

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It has been nearly 4 months since Dollfie Dream Airy’s arrival, her Shining Hearts companion DD Neris has finally turned up about a month ago!  In order to properly celebrate Airy and Neris’ reunion, I have put together a small photo session with the two of them together~

Like Airy, I opted to gave Neris’ a pair of new animetic eyes from Cool-Cat collection instead of her default eyes

Here is an image of Neris before I fix her up ^^; On a side note, I think her default eyes are a little less distracting than her older sister Airy’s but since I got another pair of eyes here that seemed to suit her anyway so what not ^^;

I wasn’t too happy with her wig by the way, because it definitely needed some work before it would look good, I had to spend a fair amount of time to trim out all the loose hair strands from her braid… and don’t mess with it too much because it can certainly come loose if you do.  Before I forgot to mention, Neris has one of the biggest head around so the wig has a very tight fit (especially with a silicone headcap underneath).

And there is barely enough hair in the front bang… and it had to be combed a certain way to make her look good.

Despite all the little problems I have with Neris (because she definitely needed work put onto to her out of the box), I still think she look pretty good but compare to her Shining Hearts sibling Airy, however, I think Neris’ face sculpt isn’t as expressive as she could be~

Overall I believe the Shining Hearts wasn’t quite the stellar success like some of us were expecting (their aftermarket value are still hovering their retail price), but it is definitely possible to make Airy and Neris look good if you would just spend a little time to fix them up a little~

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