Saber Lily Dollfie Dream And Her New Tablet

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It’s been a good while since I have blogged about anything besides Dollfie Dream but the recent announcement by HP that they were getting out of the hardware business sent shock wave through the world.  In particular, the fact that they brought the recently released WebOS tablet Touchpad down to fire sale level… the $99 USD for the 16GB model has made headline just about every corner of the world …. has got me thinking about getting a tablet for my dollfie dream daughter so they could get online without climbing up to the computer and what not… it wasn’t exactly easy to acquire one to be honest but I have finally managed to snatch one for my most beloved and spoiled to the max+1 Saber Lily Dollfie Dream~

While I don’t really need a tablet per say but my Dollfie Dream daughters could certainly get on the web with it~ DD Saber Lily can write her blog post from it too~

The screen is quite reflective so it is somewhat difficult to get a good picture of it but since Touchpad is equipped with an IPS panel so the effective viewing angle is quite good~

I have always been a fan of HP calculator, especially the HP48GX but since they are getting out of the hardware business I guess I better take good care of it :s

Looks like Saber Lily is already surfing the web…. let’s see what she is reading… Volks’ website???

Me: Lily, what are you looking at?

Saber Lily: I want another sister, why don’t we bring Sakuya home, Otousan?


Oh yeah… those of you who have been keeping track of my Google+ stream or Twitter probably knew that I have decided to adopt the recently released Sakuya Izayoi  in as my youngest Dollfie Dream daughter… more pictures to follow once I dig myself out of the huge backlog that is…


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