Operation Erika ~Dollfie Dream Erika Sendo Hair Cut Day~

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It’s been a little over a year since I brought Dollfie Dream Erika into my DD family; but I have never been truly satisfy with her this whole time, which partly contributed to her lack of camera appearances. The biggest problem in my opinion, was due to the way Volks designed her wig, in fact 3 out of the 4 members of my August Four, DD Feena, DD Estel and DD Erika all suffered this what can best described as “bad hair day” syndrome.

The official answer from Volks was that they planted some short frizzy hair underneath the top layer to “increase the volume” of hair; however I don’t think it ever really worked out well.

While I was able to find a replacement wig for Feena from the Mashiro Hakama set, I was never truly able to find a replacement wig that I like for Erika and Estel.  They look ok if you are far enough away, but if you get close….

You are likely to notice the unusually thick volume of hair….

Compare to Kiriha, the unusually thick wig just doesn’t appeal to me very much…. (Honestly I have no idea why only DD Kiriha was able to escape the messy wig fate).

I even bought different wigs for them to try on, but I couldn’t find a wig that look close enough to her original wig… those of you who are familiar with my habit know that I want to keep my DD girls’ identity intact, so I simply can’t just get any off the shelf wig for her.  I always felt bad that they never got the camera time they deserved… but in the back of my mind, I never gave up on them….

But today, I decided to put an end to what has been bothering me for over year.  I put Erika chan next to me as I tried to care for her wig again even though it had never worked out the way I wanted … but as I looked more closely this time, I noticed there is a “definite gap” between the top layer of the wig and the frizzy layer….  I had thought about trimming the frizzy hair out before but I was worried that I could ruin the wig even further if I didn’t do a good job at trimming it, but if there is a gap line to follow…. even I might be able to do it?!

Armed with the new enthusiasm, I boldly decided to go through with the operation to thin out her wig….

and here is her new look!  I seriously believe she looks much better now… even though it is not perfect but I believe I at least restored her image a bit more~

Erika chan is all pretty now, no more excuses anymore XD

P.S.  Some of you might wonder, if Erika had a hair cut… then what about Estel??

You are rest assured that Estel was not forgotten~

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